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Swim Parties

Swim Parties

Make a splash with our Swim Party! Private use of our 31 degree pool with floats games and lifeguards.

Pool Parties are a brilliant way to enjoy your birthday party. They are suitable for children of all ages (5 and above). The parties we offer involve structured games, followed by some free play at the end. All our parties are covered by lifeguards who will do a safety talk at the beginning, and a swim test to determine if any of the children need armbands.

If you have younger children attending the party, they are welcome to go in but each younger child must be accompanied by an adult. There will be lots of floats, sinkers, balls and inflatables.

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Pricing and Information

Pool Party Option A

Up to a maximum of 12 children including food. £199


Pool Party B  

13 - 20 Children including food £299


Both parties are supervised by a lifeguard for the duration of the swimming.

All Parties include the floats and play equipment.

5 Day Holiday Intensive Classes


Speed up your child's swimming with intensive lessons during the school holidays.

  • Boost swimming skills and technique + Increase their con dence around water
  • All abilities catered for 0m to 400m+
  • 5 x 30 minute sessions per week
  • Maximum 5 children per teacher
To Book your party call 01534 497036