1. Making an accommodation booking 
To make a booking you must be 18or over. When you book you are accepting Les Ormes terms and conditions. On receipt of confirmation, a binding contract comes into existence.  


2. Payment of accommodation bookings 21 daysor less 
You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit on booking. The total amount payable for your stay will be shown on your confirmation. The balance of your booking (total cost less initial deposit) is due 60 days before your scheduled arrival date. Les Ormes will automatically debit this amount from the credit/debit card you supplied on or after booking, 60 days before your arrival (see clause 15) If we can't automatically take payment you will be required to pay your balance via 'My booking' on our website. Les Ormes retains the right to cancel your booking and retain your deposit if your balance remains overdue. If you fail to arrive on your confirmed arrival date and do not notify in us in writing that you will be late arriving we retain the right to re-sell your accommodation without making any refund to you. 

Summary of cancellation charges for bookings 21 days or less   
After booking - 100% of any deposit or any pre-payment already made. 
60 days before arrival – 100% of the full balance of your stay.    


3. Payment of accommodation bookings 21 days or more
You will be required to pay a deposit on booking, this deposit will be refunded less metered electricity and a standard cleaning charge at the end of your stay. If you leave early you will be required to pay the remaining balance of your total stay. Your rent will be due monthly in advance, late payments will incur a penalty of £20per day. 
Your first month's rent must be paid in full no less than 14 days before your scheduled arrival date. If you fail to pay your first month's rent 14 days before arrival we will charge the credit/debit you supplied us on booking (see clause 15) or we can cancel your booking. 

Summary of cancellation charges for booking 21 days or more  
After booking - 100% of the balance of your stay    

Summary of electricity and standard cleaning charges for booking more than 21 days only  
Bookings of more than 21 days are required to pay metered electricity re-charged at our standard JEC rate, the total metered electricity charges will be deducted from the deposit you paid on booking.  A standard cleaning charge of (£50 or £80 with pet per one-bedroom units or £80 or £120 with pet two or more bedroom units)  is applied to all bookings. Your unit must be returned reasonably clean this includes all kitchenware returned to cupboards clean, all rubbish removed from the unit and floors left clean, extra cleaning is charged a £15 per hour. Please note hot tubs are not included in long stay rates 


4. Prices of all Les Ormes products and services 
All prices quoted are in Pounds Sterling. The prices quoted to you are known prices. Les Ormes reserves the right to add any future local taxes that may be levied on our goods and services. In this instance, Les Ormes will notify you within a reasonable period of the introduction of such taxes. 


5. If we have to change your booking 
Occasionally we need to make changes to bookings after confirmation. Whilst we endeavour not to make changes we reserve the right to make changes to your booking to correct errors howsoever caused. We will endeavour to inform you of these changes within a reasonable time from us making the change. Please note we cannot guarantee allocation of specific units 


6. Force Majeure 
We regret we cannot accept liability or pay compensation for cancellation by us due to acts out of our control. Such acts of force majeure would include; war, threats or acts of terrorism, fire, flood, fog or natural disaster or any similar event outside our control.   


7. Behaviour and responsibility for damage to Les Ormes Property 
Les Ormes is a family environment and reserves the right to cancel your booking without refund at any time after arrival if you fail to respect the quiet enjoyment of other Les Ormes users. You are responsible for any damage howsoever caused to Les Ormes Property and Les Ormes reserves the right to charge you in full for any damage caused.  


8. Death or injury on Les Ormes Property
Notwithstanding any Jersey statutory provision, we cannot be responsible for any injury or death caused on Les Ormes Property.


9. Loss or damage to your property 
Notwithstanding any Jersey statutory provision Les Ormes cannot be responsible for the loss of  any personal items or goods left or stored on our premises this includes our self-catering units, car-parks, Jump Jersey and public areas   


10. Complaint and claims 
If you have a complaint you must inform us as soon as possible in writing. We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 7 working days If you have booked and paid via an agent or tour operator then you must claim any compensation by way of that agent.  


11. Information provided to you 
Any promotional material whether provided by us or our agents is an offer to treat and cannot form a binding contract. We endeavour to check the accuracy of the information we provide, however, Les Ormes is not liable for any inaccuracies within our own or our agent's information that is supplied to you.    


12. Pet Policy  
Accommodation units allow two dogs only staying at a weekly supplement for units that are pet-friendly only. We do not accept any other species of animals. Your dog must be well behaved, quiet and pose no danger to other guests. You will be charged for any damage or fouling caused by your dog to our property internally and externally. You cannot allow your dog on beds, sofas or furniture or use any of our crockery or utensils for feeding. If you breach any of these policies we will charge an unlimited amount to replace damaged or soiled items or reasonable cleaning charges. In circumstances where your dog poses a risk or disturbs the quiet enjoyment of other guests we will ask you to remove your dog from the property immediately, without refund.  With the exception of disability assistance dogs, pets and not allowed around pool areas, restaurant areas, jump Jersey and the golf course.  


13. Marketing & Loyalty schemes  
On and after booking, Les Ormes will send you administrative and promotional emails. Administrative emails are automatically generated and contain important information about your stay. You can unsubscribe from promotional emails. Les Ormes may use SMS to contact you whilst you are on staying or usinf our facilities.  

Any Loyalty Card issued remains the property of Les Ormes who reserves the right to decline to issue or withdraw the card. Les Ormes may terminate the scheme at any time without notice and with no liability to the company.


14. Data Protection  
Les Ormes may need to hold information about your booking electronically to enable us to fulfil our contract with you. However after departure, you can request we delete all electronic information which relates to your booking. Les Ormes may send you email information after you have departed from time to time, you can unsubscribe from these emails. See our privacy policy 

15.Credit and debit cards  
On booking your credit or debit card details are securely stored with www.citypay.comour payment gateway provider. Les Ormes reserves the right to use your stored credit or debit card details to pay for any loss or damage incurred whilst in resort subject to clause (7) On-demand in writing you have the right to have your credit or debit card details deleted from our system seven days after your departure date. 


16. Smoking Policy 
Les Ormes is a no smoking resort this includes ourinternal and external areas.  


17.Using Les Ormes facilities 
You must use Les Ormes facilities in accordance with guidance and instruction given to you by Les Ormes staff or notified by health and safety signage.  
When using any of the activities in Jump Jersey, including trampolines, soft play, climbing walls, Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout, children under 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Failure to abide by this policy may result in your booking being curtailed immediately without refund. 



18. Payment for all pay and play sports and activities
All sports and activities must be paid for in full and all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. On arrival you must check in at a reception prior to going to your activity, bringing with you your customer confirmation and membership card if you are a member. Failure to do may result in us denying you access to our facilities.   


19. Re-sale of Les Ormes facilities and products
Les Ormes facilities and products are for the sole use of the person or club booking that facility or activity. You cannot book Les Ormes facilities to resell in whole or part to a third party, without prior permission from Les Ormes in writing. Breaching this term may result in your booking being cancelled without refund. All third-party providers must provide us with relevant documents in relation to qualifications, health and safety, first aid training, DBS and safeguarding.


20. Group bookings
A group booking is 12 people or more and may include sports/facility hire and/or food/beverage in our Les Ormes Brasserie. On booking, we require a deposit of 30% of the estimated value of sports/facility hire and/or food in our Les Ormes Brasserie. 14 days before your event we require full payment for sports/facility hire and/or food in our Les Ormes Brasserie. Any outstanding amount for beverage or extras purchased on the day of your event must be paid in full by credit or debit card on the day. Children's parties must be paid in full on booking.Please note all payments are non-refundable. 


21.Closure of the golf course
If we are required to close the golf course due to circumstances beyond our control we will issue you a credit. It is your responsibility to re-book by visiting the main reception or emailing reception@lesormesjersey.co.uk. Failure to re-book within 24 hours will result in the credit being lost.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund when the course is closed, circumstances beyond our control include extreme weather or any circumstances where we deem it not safe to play. During bad weather, the golf will remain open for play. Our strict policy is play come what may.


22. Booking golf slots
7-day golfers may book tee times 2 days in advance, 5-day and pay and play members 2 weeks in advance and visitors 4 weeks.  All golf bookings are based on 4 balls. Please be aware you may be paired up. All online bookings are a minimum of 2 players per tee off time.


23. Golf no shows
If you book a tee off time and don’t show up, you will not be entitled to a refund. 5-day and 7-day members that book and do not show will be invoiced at the pay and play members rate. Failure to receive payment may result in your membership being revoked. Please make sure you check in at the reception before going out on the course.


24. Golf dress, footwear and equipment code
Each golfer must have their own clubs, metal spikes are not permitted on the course or Les Ormes Brasserie. No denim jeans, jackets, shirts or other items of denim clothing, no work clothes or clothes we deem to be inappropriate are to be worn on the course. Strictly collared shirts. 


25. Golf Buggy hire conditions
Golf buggy use is subject to course conditions. Golf buggy bookings are only requests and cannot be guaranteed, customers with medical conditions and members will be given priority over buggy use.


26. Golf maximum playing time 
9-holes is 2 hours and 4 hours for 18-holes. Please be on the 1st tee at least 10 minutes prior to tee-off time.


27. Booking Tennis courts
Tennis - Racket members may book tennis courts 2 days in advance, tennis members 2 weeks and visitors 4 weeks in advance.


28. Tennis no shows
If you book a tennis court and don’t show up, you will not be entitled to a refund. Racket members and tennis members that book and do not show will be invoiced at the non-members rate. Please make sure you check in at the reception before going on to court.


29. Tennis footwear code
Indoor non-marking shoes must be worn at all times whilst on the court.


30. Gym footwear code
To use the gym you must wear indoor training shoes only.


31. Securing a swim school place  class space
Swimming lessons must be paid for in advance. 


32. Refund of swim classes  Policy
Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds or credits for unused classes.  The exception to this is where the swimmer has a certificated illness at the time of the lesson. In these circumstances, you will be required to produce a valid medical certificate. Notwithstanding this, all credits are at the discretion of Les Ormes.


Terms applying to Jump Jersey


33. Age restrictions
Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult this adult is deemed to be the child’s parent, guardian or carer and must be a person aged 18 years or over. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times within the below adult to child ratios;

Ages 5 years to under 12 years old, inclusive one adult to no more than 5 children. Newborn to 5 years inclusive, one adult to one child.

Please note children under 8 years must be accompanied by adults in the toilet areas.


34. Attire for using Jump Jersey Equipment
You must wear Jump Jersey socks with rubber grips at all times when using Jump Jersey Trampolines, Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout. Training shoes must be worn when using Jump Jersey Climbing Arena. Regular socks must be worn for Jump Jersey's toddler and adventure soft play areas. Suitable attire must be worn at all times when using Jump Jersey equipment.


35. Weight restrictions
You will not be able to use Jump Jersey equipment if you exceed the manufacturers recommends a maximum weight for that piece of equipment

Trampolines, max weight 120KG (18 Stone)

Climbing arena, you must be over 15kg under 150kg


36. Medical conditions
You must not use Jump Jersey equipment if you have one of the following conditions unless cleared to do so by your GP. We reserve the right to prevent you from using Jump Jersey equipment where we reasonably believe you may have one of these conditions and cannot show documentary evidence from your GP that you are medically fit to use Jump Jersey Equipment.

Circulatory conditions

Heart or lung conditions

Recent surgery

Back or neck conditions (including rodded back and brittle bones)

High blood pressure

Spine, musculoskeletal or head injury



Les Ormes is an inclusive business, however, your safety and wellbeing is our priority, therefore; Customers with Down’s Syndrome and neck instability prior to taking part in such activities, will be asked to obtain evidence that a GP or paediatrician has screened them using the screening test developed by the British Gymnastics Association for Atlanto-Axial Instability. Approval for participation signed by the GP or paediatrician shall be provided before taking part in any trampolining activities.

Customers with Achondroplasia (disproportionate Dwarfism) should not participate in trampolining as it is not recommended to perform gymnastics skills which involve repeated jumping or rebounding.



37. Height Restrictions
Minimum, and in some circumstances, maximum height restrictions apply:

Ninja Warrior Course minimum of 1.2 metres

Total Wipeout Machine minimum of 1.2 metre

Airbag Jump Tower minimum of 1.2 metres

Climbing area (including Power Tower and Stairway) minimum 1 metre

Adventure soft play area maximum of 1.4 metres

Toddler trampoline area maximum of 1.2 metres

Standards of behaviour You and those under your control must act in a way that does not endanger yourself or others. You must follow and obey all reasonable instructions given by Jump Jersey staff. Your general behaviour and that of persons under your control must not spoil the peaceful enjoyment of other Jump Jersey users.


38. Breach of clauses 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38
If you breach any of Jump Jersey’s terms and conditions, you will be asked to leave Jump Jersey with immediate effect without refund.


39. The Contract 
All contractual obligations arising from this contract come into existence in Jersey and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Jersey Courts.